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Beach Watchers Picnic Mussels

2 lbs butter
4-5 large Walla Walla sweets
4+ big heads garlic

Melt the butter in a LARGE pot.

Saute chopped onions, minced garlic, and herbs to taste in -some- of the butter until translucent.

5-6 cans chicken stock

sweet vermouth
Add 5-6 cans (~ 14 oz each) chicken stock.

Add ~ 3/4 of a 750 ml bottle of sweet vermouth (this is the secret ingredient, add more to taste),

Add the rest of the butter, stirring until very hot.

25 lbs musselsAdd mussels, stirring to coat them with the butter, liquid/onion mixture and seasonings. Put the lid on and steam until just opened.

Do not overcook!!

It is not necessary that they be covered with the liquid. It is necessary that the shells are coated with the buttery liquid as they're put in the pot, but they shouldn't be swimming in it.

Roxallanne Medley


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