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Green Salad for Two

I like my salads more bitter than Neal does, so I make our salads individually in two large cereal bowls, and just adjust the proportions of who gets what. For more people just throw everything into a big bowl !

greenStart with a mix of greens to taste. Here are our staples:
  • Mild - red or green leaf lettuce, romaine
  • Medium - spinach*, napa cabbage
  • Bitter - arrugula
and of course, fresh Whidbey greens, whenever you can get them !!

crunchyAdd a mix of several of these selections (the starred ones are my standbys)
  • *jicama - cut in half vertically. Then place half-jicama flat side down and cut 2-3 slices. You can then peel the slices all together, and either julienne them, or cut in small dice.
  • *zucchini - cut 1 inch plus chunk, put flat side down and julienne.
  • *broccoli slaw - wonderful convenience food - just pour some into the salad.
  • celery
  • carrots
  • cucumber

  • red onion - thinly sliced, or scallions.
  • radishes - cut top and bottom off radish, then julienne vertically. Alternately - just cut in round slices, or cut in half vertically, and then cut into half-moon slices.

juicyI choose one from:
  • granny smith apples - 1 quarter - cut into small pieces.
  • d'anjou pears - 1 quarter - cut into small pieces.
  • clementine sections - each cut in half or thirds.
  • grape tomatoes - cut in half or quarters
  • fresh blueberries

nice to have
  • red bell pepper - thinly sliced

toppingsAdd one or more from:
  • soy nuts
  • sesame seeds
  • shredded parmesan

black pepper

salad dressing
Always top with freshly ground black pepper.

Then add your salad dressing of choice.

Serve ***

*** We just move the cereal bowls to the table, and dump them onto our dinner plates when there is room for the salad.

** I find the 'normal' size Fresh Express spinach is nearly as good as the baby spinach and much less pricy!

Connie Clark


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