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Deviled Eggs

This was passed to me by my mother Frances Murtaugh.
Adding the salt to the water is from Oprah - her aunts taught her that trick.

It helps to have a deviled egg serving dish to keep them from sliding to the floor as you carry them to a pot luck.

1 dozen eggs
Put eggs in covered pan with cold salted water and bring to a boil. Turn off heat and let eggs sit in covered pan for 15 minutes. (The salt is important, it somehow helps the shells come off more easily.)

Uncover the pan and let cold water run over the eggs in pan. Peel under cold running water. Put eggs in a dish until you have peeled them all.

Now cut all the eggs in half the long way ( I've had them tip over after cutting them the other way! ) and scoop out the cooked yoke into another dish..

Best Foods
    Real Mayonnaise
Grey Poupon
    Dijon Mustard
Mash the yokes finely and start adding teaspoons of mayonnaise and mustard until you get the taste you want.

I find the mustard added to just the touch of tartness is good. (Do not use country style mustard - it is too hot)

With teaspoon starting adding mixture to the egg.. Top with paprika. Cover with plastic wrap (to keep the eggs from drying out) and chill.


Pat Bronson


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