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Clam Chowder

This is my grandmother's recipe for clam chowder - used by my Mom and myself for over 80 years!!

Granny used Quahaugs** and her dimensions were 6 - 8 per person.
Adjust accordingly for the kind and size of clams you use.

clams Steam in small amount of water until shells open.
Drain, carefully saving juice,
Discard shells
chop clams fine (or leave whole if small).

butter or ...
In large pot, saute chopped onions (an amount equal to the clams) in butter (or bacon fat or salt pork or a combination of any) until soft but NOT brown.

clam water
Add diced potatoes, (1.5 - 2 times the amount of clams). Add clam water. Cook until potatoes are JUST tender.

Make a roux of butter and flour - 1 tablespoon of flour for each 2 cups of liquid . Add to clam mixture and cook until slightly thickened.

Add scalded milk and cream or milk or evaporated milk. Heat to boiling point. Add salt, pepper to taste. (Note: If you use canned clams, add 1 bottle of clam juice.)

Recipe of Carolyn Elizabeth Glass - Jill Johnson's grandmother

** Quahaugs are large hard-shelled clams found on the East Coast. They vary in size from 1.5 to 6 inches wide. Those over 3 inches are considered "chowder" clams because they are tougher and need to be cooked.

Jill Johnson


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