Beach Watchers Cookbook

Beach Watchers Cookbook

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This online Beach Watchers Cookbook is dedicated to:
  • WSU Beach Watchers around Puget Sound for their dedication to understand, value, and protect the priceless marine environment we all share.
  • Kristen Cooley - WSU Island County Beach Watchers volunteer coordinator (2006-2008), whose infectious enthusiasm has kept us busy and on target. The impetus for this cookbook was a brainstorming session about a going away present for her -- as she moves on to a new career (with Puget Sound Partnership) and a new life (with Stephen Stavros).
  • Don Meehan - who established the WSU Beach Watchers program in Island County in 1989, and who has nurtured it ever since, for nearly 20 years, through its expansion to other Puget Sound counties.
We hope you enjoy these recipes, and will consider joining our organization (now Sound Water Stewards of Island County) to help improve, maintain and protect a thriving Puget Sound ecosystem through education, community outreach, stewardship, and research.

Connie Clark
Editor - Beach Watchers Cookbook
July 28, 2008

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